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  • Who can contribute on Ophtnotes?
    If you are a medical student with an interest in ophthalmology or ophthalmology trainee, you can contribute to our notes.
  • Why should I contribute on Ophtnotes?
    If you are enthusiastic about ophthalmology, contact us and join the team of collaborators.
  • What can I contribute on Ophtnotes?
    You can contribute notes, diagrams and questions as part of our medical school ophthalmology notes or notes for the Duke Elder exam.
  • Is there a guideline I can follow when creating notes?
    Yes! We offer resources like the contributor guide to help you contribute in the best possible ways. We’re also available for any questions.
  • What topics do your notes cover?
    We cover a wide range of topics aimed at medical school ophthalmology and the Duke Elder exam ranging from ophthalmic history taking to clinical skills as well as the clinical topics including anatomy, retina, uveitis and cataracts.
  • When will your notes be released?
    Our notes are out now, to help you succeed in the Duke Elder exam! We are continually adding new ones, so make sure you subscribe to hear when new notes have been added.

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